Sunday, April 15, 2018

Farewell Ode to Wind's-E'e

When first we saw your ornate porch
Where ancients sat and told their tales
It kindled in us hope’s bright torch
And put some wind in our flagging sails
We’ve loved our years on this lofty knoll
Where rabbits frolic and birds abound
And quiet invigorates one’s ageing soul
Listening to the wind’s calming sound
We’ve watched the bear and noble deer
On distant hills lined with rolls of golden hay
And on our deck we’ve stood with wine or beer
To watch in awe the sunset’s radiant display
We’ve toiled away in your rich dark earth
To lend a hand to nature’s works of art
And sat out winter storms by the glowing hearth
While wondering when the spring will start
We’ve honoured those who’ve gone before us
Those tireless farmers who’ve loved this land
And we’ve sung the evening’s sunset chorus
Where forests thrive and cattle stand
And in these years our lives have blossomed
Together we’ve passed life’s many gates
Fair Wind’s-E’e will not be by us forgotten
But now a new horizon’s welcoming awaits.